Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yoon Kye Sang in Marie Claire

These are some pictures taken from Marie Claire on June 2008; Another rough look of Yoon Kye Sang, and another cigarette. He looks macho, though it isn't my favorites. There is an interview also but compare to Nylon interview, this interview with Marie Claire isn't really new things.

Now, I understand how much acting mean a lot for him, there is time when he really loves it  but there is time when he is disappointed, well c'est la vie Kye Sang ssi. No matter  how much you like  or you dislike your work; there are some moments when we feel down. But doing the work we love, is a bless. Not everybody has chance to do the work they like.

So keep going ! Make your acting a part of learning in life, a good person is someone who never stop to learn and becoming an actor you are actually have lots of chance to learn.

If only you work hard to bring the character you play; a good actor is someone who can bring somebody's soul into his soul, or simply words a good actor is someone who learns how to be in somebody's shoes.

And we believe you are able, you may not easily take off the soul you bring in your soul but take a good part of it and get rid what is bad. The more you act, it should be the wiser you are....

Here's the video of the photo shoot making, too bad I can't download this video, there are many good angle that I want to capture. But at least , dear reader you can click the link and watch it yourself :

The next year, July 2009, Kye Sang had another photo shoot with Marie Clair. The bad boy image is still very strong in this photo shoot. They still love his rough look, messy hair, a slight of beard and mustache, only this time, no cigarette , nice....

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