Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Talking Pictures

Tonight I browse through Kye Sang pictures then I found those wonderful looks of him. When I saw Kye Sang holding some black flowers, I feel that the soul inside him just say : "I am as black as these flowers" I could only say, this man has lost the flame of life. He is living but his empty looks just like an empty cell or worse the living corpse. It's a good expression if Kye Sang wants to play a man with mental disorder. His empty eyes are killing me, makes me want to cry out of no where.

The picture below simply just want to say "You're dead...!" Kye Sang glares is really scary, it chills our vein with fear. A director of Poosan Dog, casted him because he loves his glares..............and me too.

This is another Kye Sang I said to myself,although he has a perfect body but it isn't his btody thatr drew my attention, but his villain looks. I think of him is  acting  in the role of  drugs dealer but suffered himself from drugs addict.

I was surprised when I saw this picture below, I thought he, isn't Kye Sang, if only I find this picture somewhere, not in Kye Sang database; I  won't recognize him immediately, perhaps I would say ; he is somehow very familiar....he..he..he

After all the villains looks, here's another picture that makes me smile; With his glasses on , he looks nice and sweet and somehow I will giggle with a  dreamy smile.....

Upps! this is not So Ji Sub, isn't it ? I always think that So Ji Sub is an actor who's especially good as the miserable hero ( watch back, I'am sorry I love you, Cain and Abel, Road no 1). He is good to bring tears with his watering eyes. But then I was surprised again to See Kye Sang in this pose. He makes me want to cry and wants to console him in the same time......

Yeaw....another glasses but this picture is taken before his role as Yoon Pil Joo. It's the picture during his "Crazy For You" filming. Ohhhh, he is just freaking handsome and looks scholar too.

Again I thought this is So Ji Sub, he doesn't look smart here just simply man in action, use more muscle than head, hot tempered but very honest. How one pose can talk so much ????

Kye Sang will be fit in many roles, this is how I feel when I saw this picture. That looks, the way he hold the plastic bag, inexpressive, but different from the first  picture, this guy looks really pitiful. Too bad if the picture show him  barefoot, it will be really good for this pose. Something inside me said.....what a poor guy, life is really unfair....

Picture : dangermousie

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