Friday, June 1, 2012

Yoon Kye Sang in Elle

It seem Elle really like Yoon Kye Sang as their model, last year in September 2011, Kye Sang has featured in their magazine. Only something bother me, why do people always take his picture with the cigarette in his mouth ???? Here's some pictures from

This picture is my favorite, I love the boyish looks of Yoon Kye Sang, rather than the smoke pose !!

And this one, come one person can look so different ? Different from the picture earlier, he looks mature in this picture, reminds me of a  happy married I too much ?

Here's Kye Sang for Elle 2012, the pictures were taken in Bali along with his real buddy Kwo Sen, but to be honest I don't really like these last poses, he looks rough !  It's not my favorite though, but the whole thing is Kye Sang looks is like a canvas, a simple scratch can totally change his look !

These pictures below were taken in Paris  by Elle Girl, in 2007 before Kye Sang filming "Crazy in Love". I love them Kye Sang looks cute, like he was only in his early twenties.

Is it only me or you may think the same : doesn't Kye Sang in this pose remind you of "Rain" ?

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