Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yoon Kye Sang in Ceci

Year 2011 is the best year for Kye Sang since he started his acting carrier in 2004. His Yoon Pil Joo character in "The Greatest Love" is very much loved and the opposite of this sweet perfect guy is "Poongsan Dog" when he become an unknown  mercenary , who  didn't say anything all the whole film. But he is really good..... and the film was rating in box office

In September 2011 Kye Sang has photo shoot with Ceci magazine, the title of article is "Wild Thing", after "Poongsan Dog" , people still craft with Kye Sang badass looks. Looking at his pose in Ceci, I come to think that he could be perfect for a perfect killer character.

Not a simple killer, but a smart killer that hide behind his perfect image; the sharp suit that he wear, makes him looks creepy. I imagine his wild thought while he walks trough the corridor......

I know this will be another dark character but can't help to think of him as such  role, blam to Ceci magazine to take the picture of him in these pose.

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