Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yoon Kye Sang's Quotes

I brows through my mate facebook walls, she loves Kye Sang before me, I love Kye Sang's quote in her wall, and think to share them with you. I add some pictures to make you all feel closer to our Kye Sang :

 "When I finished my works there was a time when I found a lingering regret, and when it comes to 'High Kick' nothing seems to be a particularly".
"It's physically too difficult for having a very tight shooting schedule, but we were really happy," he said. "After the over time work for filming, still we'd continue to stay for a long time in the set."

"Sitcom is a new genre for me to be a challenge, and it's quite a burden. Directors and actors helped a lot so I could let a true me out of the shield."
"In the beginning, we met as an individual actor, but now we really has become the family actors. So much troubled to our friendly staff members as family, and we are so proud of them."

Today's Quote : “In order to pursue acting, I’ve lost popularity and found the natural person Yoon Kye-sang. I’ve gained confidence in my life.” [Yoon Kyesang, 2009]

 (From Dramabeans) When asked about always picking serious and/or unusual movie roles, Yoon Kye Sang answered, “I didn’t pick heavy movies because I specifically wanted to change my idol image. The first movie I did was Flying Boys, where I learned acting and focused on movies with a similar tone, which is how I ended up doing heavy movies. I think the most important thing is authenticity in acting. Acting is a job where I can only touch others if something true comes from within me.”

"People ask me why I always do such heavy projects, but I don’t do it for fun. I do it because I feel something inside and I want to carry that emotion out to people." [Yoon Kyesang, 2009]

"I’m trying my hardest to be remembered as ‘a good actor’ and ‘an actor who acts well.’ At first, I hated being labeled ‘an actor who used to be a singer’ but now it no longer matters to me. Because my dream is to be remembered as an actor, I will try my hardest." [Yoon Kyesang, 2009]

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 Javabeans [Dramabeans] : As you may know, Yoon Kye Sang got his start in the industry as an idol star of the pop/R&B group G.O.D., and is one example of an idol star who has made a successful leap into acting. He addressed the topic of singers turning to acting, saying that because of the baggage that comes with attempting a crossover, they end up working even harder


 "I don’t like being a news item. Being a news item isn’t all positive, I think. Although you may become a hot topic because you’re loved [by the public], I think it would be a minus to my life in the end. Receiving attention is an uncomfortable matter. No matter what you’ve become." [Yoon Kyesang, 2009]

 "I really dislike sad endings in dramas. For example…the ending in 'What happens in Bali' brought me many sleepless nights. So that can’t happen. We need to give hope to the viewers out there with a great ending." [Yoon Kyesang, 2011]

"If I get a girlfriend, I’m not purposely going to publicize it. I don’t want to say things like, ‘My girlfriend is ___; I love her.’ It seems pretentious." [Yoon Kyesang, 200]

 "Once, Park Jin Young (JYP, g.o.d 's trainer) was scolding Yoon Kye Sang about something. Yoon Kye Sang hates losing and has a lot of pride; he got so angry that he fainted. It wasn’t too serious because he woke up pretty fast. The problem was the aftermath. After that, JYP never yelled at Kye Sang. All the other members were upset they weren’t the first ones to faint." [Danny g.o.d., 2009]

"Even when the project 'Poongsan' was on a roll, I had to fight to cast Yoon Kye Sang in the lead role. Yoon has this gentle image as a former pop idol, and most of the people (involved in the film) opposed casting him. But I was impressed by his piercing gaze in films like ‘Moonlight of Seoul,’ and immediately thought of him the moment I read the story... we were both trying to challenge stereotypes. It was amazing collaborating with such talented actor.” [Director Juhn Jai-hong, 2011]

"When we lived in g.o.d. dorm, my computer was down. So I used Kyesang 's computer who is in military duty. As I was using it, several porn things just popped up!" [Danny Ahn, 2004]

I, Yoon Kye Sang, was once a member of G.O.D. Those valuable memories of doing activities while being a member of G.O.D will stay with me till the day I die.”

"Even back then when I was in g.o.d., I wasn’t afraid about scandal or try to hide it, but the [management] company blocks it. It’s strange if I don’t have a girlfriend at my age. I should tell the truth if I have a girlfriend." [Yoon Kye Sang, 2009]

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  1. "When we lived in g.o.d. dorm, my computer was down. So I used Kyesang 's computer who is in military duty. As I was using it, several porn things just popped up!" [Danny Ahn, 2004]

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