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The Return Of An Actor

This is another old interview, but we found it really interesting, so we share it for you. The interview conducted by Nylon and published on July 2009, enjoy!

Yoon Kye Sang met the journalists from Nylon at a coffee shop for their interview. According to them, he looks like a regular guy – one who chainsmokes and seems to have little fashion sense. When asked what kinds of clothes he likes, he answers, “Sweats and runners”. He doesn’t calculate his answers and his facial expressions show everything.

Yoon Kye Sang in Nylon (7/09)
Nylon: Compared to long ago, it feels like [you've] become slightly distant from society’s attention. There isn’t anything about your personal life and how you’ve been living.
Yoon Kye Sang (YKS): I liked staying at home back then too. I don’t really like going around much. I went around comfortably during the 10 months I was on break but I think because I’m not really a person of issue (interest), not much news was released. I want to meet somebody now.
Nylon: To date?
YKS: Yes. I go on [blind] dates.
Nylon: Who introduces you to whom and how?
YKS: I request those around me [for introductions] but my manager hyung won’t do it.
Nylon: Probably because [you have] high standards.
YKS: Mm, I do think my standards have been raised these days. To be honest, I’ve gone on about four blind dates recently.
Nylon: Recently? [Your] manager said that you don’t even have time for interviews because of the shooting schedule for the movie Executor (집행자) and the drama Triple….
YKS: You must put in the effort if you want to date even if you’re busy. But it hasn’t been working out well.
Nylon: You know the reason why it hasn’t been working out well, right?
YKS: I get the feeling that I’ve changed. Now that I’ve aged a little, I’m starting to see flaws. Before, I would think, ‘I like that about that person’ and my emotions would run high; but now I think, ‘Everything’s good except for that’. I think I’ve become unfortunate. I guess I’ll [eventually] find someone.
Nylon: Some say that all celebrities say they don’t have girlfriends when it’s time to do an interview, but then a few days later [we]see that a scandal broke out and they say they’re getting married.
YKS: I wish a scandal would start. So I can just date them. Haha.
Nylon: It seems like you don’t fear scandals as much as you did a while ago? You tried to hide it while in the idol group (g.o.d).
YKS: Even back then I wasn’t afraid but the [management] company blocks it. It’s stranger if I don’t have a girlfriend at my age. I should tell the truth if I have a girlfriend.
Nylon: So will you publicize it if you get a girlfriend?
YKS: I’m not purposely going to publicize it. I don’t want to say things like, ‘My girlfriend is ___; I love her.’ It seems pretentious.

Yoon Kye Sang in Nylon (7/09)
Nylon: You said that you don’t like being a news item. Although you say that, isn’t it true that anybody who’s a celebrity secretly enjoy being a hot topic?
YKS: Not really for me. Being a news item isn’t all positive, I think. Although you may become a hot topic because you’re loved [by the public], I think it would be a minus to my life in the end. Receiving attention is an uncomfortable matter. No matter what you’ve become.
Nylon: Have you not stuck your nose into TV programs or brand events because you don’t want to receive attention?
YKS: Yes. If there was anything that might defect my acting, I didn’t do it. Because I thought I might appear easy. I thought I would be seen as a singer if I went to those things. Even now, when I watch variety programs, I think that it would be fun. But [I'm afraid] it’ll be a scar to the work that I love doing.
Nylon: You received positive reviews right from your debut in Flying Boys so I would think that there weren’t many hardships, no? Why do you try so hard to emphasize your sincerity?
YKS: The public gaze was discomforting. There were misunderstandings about me created due to the prejudice. And I didn’t really act well either. Haha. All I wanted was [for people] to recognize my effort but people tried to judge me as a supplementary entertainer. At the production conference for My 19-year-old Sister-in-law, there were a lot of people who said, ‘You transferred quickly without delay [to acting] because the music industry is in recession’. Back then I quarrelled in interviews. I responded offensively, ‘That’s not right’. I regret it now. I tell myself, ‘Loser, you were too thoughtless. If you were more broad-minded and deep-hearted, people would have acknowledged you more.
Nylon: Do you think you’ve proved yourself now?
YKS: No. I haven’t been able to prove it yet. My heart is still the same now. I’m doing it because I enjoy it so much. But even while [acting] because I love it, there are times when it’s difficult.

Nylon: Like when?
YKS: When I acted just as I believed (hoped to) but it doesn’t come out like that in the production. There are people who invested in that production and people who worked hard on it so I’m unable to be honest. I have to say they did well when they didn’t. It’s really hard then. And embarrassing.
Nylon: Which production didn’t you like?
YKS: Beastie Boys [...]
Nylon: Why not, what was wrong with that? It was okay.
YKS: Six Years in Love was like that too and….
Nylon: Wait a moment. Or else it seems like all of your productions might come out. Do you mean that your own acting wasn’t particularly good?
YKS: Yes. I was sad that there was a lot deleted while editing. Truthfully, I rested for 10 months because of Beastie Boys. I considered not acting [anymore].

Nylon: Just because [some scenes] get edited out doesn’t mean that you can’t act. That’s the director’s personal authority so you can’t do anything about it. 

YKS: That’s true [...but] I had a hard time because I didn’t understand why it had to be cut like that.
Nylon: Why didn’t you just ask?
YKS: I was disappointed even though the director was very good. Although I enjoy acting so much, I couldn’t do it because I was so stressed. It was hard. I wondered whether I could be happy as an actor again. [The stress] progressively went away after spending 10 months not watching dramas or [movie] productions. That’s why I can do this interview too.

Source  nylonmedia     via kpculture    picture : as label

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