g.o.d,  in the past or now, is always an important part of Yoon Kye Sang. He may not sing anymore, but we still put his g.o.d in this special page. Somehow , perhaps we just hope he will sing again at least at g.o.d reunion album, will it happen who knows ?

There were five members of g.o d. :  

Son Ho Young- Vocalist 
Kim Tae Woo- Main Vocalist 
Danny Ahn- Lead Rapper 
Park Joon Hyung- Leader, Main Rapper 
Yoon Kye Sang- Vocalist

After Kye Sang separated with g.o.d , he never makes his own solo, he made an MV, though but he  really keeps his words to only focus on his acting carrier.

Here  the discography of their album :

  • 1999: Chapter 1 - Sales: 160,000
  • 1999: Chapter 2 - Sales: 578,567
  • 2000: Chapter 3 Lies - Sales: 1,824,278
  • 2001: Chapter 4 Road - Sales 1,713,056 - 2,000,000
  • 2002: Chapter 5 Letter - Sales: 463,038
  • 2004: An Ordinary Day - Sales: 213,187
  • 2005: Into the Sky - Sales: 109,757


  • 2001 Live Concert
Perhaps too much to hope, but still I wonder : have Kye Sang ever missed to sing in the stage like he did before? Just like this.....I love him in this video ! He is rockkkkk!

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  1. i hope someday when god make a reunion, he will join..