Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yoon Kye Sang Herniated Disc Treatment

I was so shocked when I first read his news in newsen and chosun that Kye Sang would go through surgery for his spinal herniated disc. The symptom is just a backache. Kye Sang had this injury during the filming of drama : "Road no 1". But his injury becomes worse after filming : "Poongsan Dog", where he made many dangerous scenes. But later I feel relieve that he gets better without going through surgery since he had treatment at oriental hospital where many celebrities also got their treatment here.

Kye Sang is very serious with his works, but somehow he overworks his own limb. He has started working in entertainment industry more than decade. he started his carrier as singer ; as one of 'g.o.d' members.I can understand how much he stressed his limb during his singing carrier. Practicing dancing is as hard as acting in dangerous scene. 

Perhaps in the future Kye sang needs to think carefully before doing some dangerous scenes. If stuntman is still possible, I hope he won't risk his life to do dangerous scene. I really miss to see him on screen, I pray that he's totally cure and able to continue filming again. Yoon  Sang Kye ssie, I really miss you.....please get better soon...


source : naver

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  1. Thank you so much for eng news.
    I am very very very worried.

    Oppa..i hope you get well soon.