Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yoon Kye Sang Cast For : "Becoming An Actor"

I thought it would take time for Kye Sang to restart his work after he fully recovers from his ilness, but here he's announcing his new movie (although I really hope it was a drama instead). Btw here's the complete news:

Actor Yoon Kye-sang has been cast for the main role of the movie "Becoming An Actor".
A List Entertainment announced, "He wanted to do this as soon as he saw the scenario. Yoon is already engrossed in the character".
"Becoming An Actor" is about an actor named Seong-woo who's been in various movies but not recognized by anyone, pretending to be the lost development disabled son of a wealthy home to pay off debts for his father who is down with the stroke.
Yoon takes on the role of Seong-woo who lands himself in a main role for the first time but is not granted a single NG.
Yoon said, "I had fun reading the scenario the first time. I am happy to be in this movie and it's going to be another challenge for me".
"Becoming An Actor" will crank up in September.

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