Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yoon Kye Sang in VOGUE

This is Kye Sang's pose with Vogue Girl 11/2004, what a year, I believe this is his looks at the beginning of his carrier. To my surprise with the clean cut, his look is not different with his present looks. How come someone looks the same for almost decade ?

 The difference is only his pose, here he looks good but raw, he still show the looks " I am a new comer"

via : naver. picture as label

In the same year he has another photo shoot along with another actress (too bad I don't know her name.I wonder if it is Kim Min Jung her co star in Flying Boys

Five years later, July 2009, Kye Sang had another photo shoot with Vogue, this time he looks even younger than when he was in the first Vogue photo shoot.

 In 2011, Kye Sang become the ambassador for Vogue perfume, along with Park Seo Yoon. Here's the video with the title : Be Perfumista   ! Enjoy !

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