Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Left From Turkey

Pictures leave the story behind to the present. Every time you miss someone or the moment we leave behind, look at the picture you took, and the missing  part back will back , at least it will console yourself, I experienced this before.

I enjoy a lot watching "The Journey To Turkey With Yoon Kye Sang" ,learn a little about Turkey and knows more about Yoon Kye Sang himself.

Like for example,  Kye Sang is very sensitive with smell, he can eat everything as long as it doesn't have strong smell, funny thing, he really eat fast. I can't stop to laugh watching a non stop chewing Yoon Kye Sang.  Other actor perhaps will eat quietly but Kye Sang just show himself  in front of the camera. He really eats with gusto.

 He is acting now ! He said " I'm really not in a mood to eat ice cream" but Voila the picture shows differently, it seems  like he really enjoy his ice cream.....awww you are really sexy with this ice cream pose ...kekekkk

If this picture puts somewhere, not in Kye Sang fan page, will anybody recognize who he is ....I don't t.hink so....! He looks like somebody else !


At the beach....., I loev this picture a lot, Kye Sang looks is great, the background is just perfect, who do you think now, Kye Sang ssi ? Your ex- girl friend again ?

If Kye Sang laughs , everything's gone dark........cause his eyes are totally gone.....LOL

Although the fish kebab doesn't suit his taste, he still takes the picture with the vendor, sweet.....

Yay ! This is my favorite picture, I just love a man who looks soooooo good looking in his solemn looks! Just like my Kye Sang ! droool......kekkekkkk

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