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Thoughtful man Yoon Kye Sang

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Here’s a good read regarding Yoon Kye Sang’s upcoming drama, “Triple” :)
With all the good-looking man, I almost forget that Yoon Kye Sang will be in it :) Ah, it’ll be hard to choose… Lee Jung Jae? Lee Seon Gyun? Yoon Kye Sang? Hmmm…

“Triple” thoughtful man Yoon Kye Sang
MBC’s newest Wed-Thurs miniseries, “Triple” (script by Lee Jeong-ah & Oh Su-jin, directed by Lee Yun-jeong) has 3 handsome men portraying 3 guys on an advertising team. Of them, we met up with Yun Gye-sang to talk about the drama. He takes on the role of the good-natured Jang Hyeon-tae, who’s warm and funny and goes all-in when it comes to love. We’re sure he’ll capture the hearts of women everywhere.
- Do you like the character Hyeon-tae?
I do. He can come off as a bit of an oddball, but he’s not really. He just really has a strong conviction in what he believes. I guess you could say that he experienced some difficulties in life and now knows how to deal with the ways of life in a smart way. And he won’t give up ever if it’s for his happiness.
We’re more alike than any other role I’ve done so far. I’m ‘acting without practice,’ and ‘acting easily’ this time. Truthfully speaking, no matter how much I’ve tried to immerse myself a hundred percent in a role, it was never complete. But this time
is such a perfect match for me that I couldn’t be happier.
- If you were really Hyeon-tae, could you continue showing interest in a woman who used to be your friend’s wife?
I think I could. Even in real life it isn’t so easy to meet someone you really like. Because I know that fate doesn’t occur so easily, I don’t think I’d give up quite so easily.
- Director Lee Yun-jeong is known for her attention to detail.
What’s the atmosphere like on set?

She’s a very open-minded person on set. She hates seeing her actors being dull or stagnant. She thinks that the actors’ ‘feeling of being alive’ is the ’strength behind the drama.’ She always discusses things with us beforehand and convinces us then. ^^
- Did Director Lee Yun-jeong request anything specifically from Hyeon-tae?
“Hyeon-tae is a person motivated more by his true feelings than by that others think or their reasons. In a way, he is foolish, but he is a pure person.” She told me that and asked me to act it naturally.
- What expectations do you have towards “Triple”?
I’ve always tried to remain true to my characters in the past, but often I would come off too emotionally heavy or too frivolous and light. This character of Hyeon-tae, however, is a character that can highlight my good parts. I expect as good results as the effort I’m putting into this.
- What are your aspirations as an actor?
I’m trying my hardest to be remembered as ‘a good actor’ and ‘an actor who acts well.’
At first, I hated being labeled ‘an actor who used to be a singer’ but now it no longer matters to me. Because my dream is to be remembered as an actor, I will try my hardest.

(credit: MBC America)

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