Monday, May 28, 2012

Yungyesang ssi, please accept the change...honk honk!

 Translated by Wid KS via nate

At the point of entrance to Lotte Cinema Konkuk University, April 12 17:40, which screened the movie 'Battleship', 10 minutes before the movie started I saw someone. That guy looks familiar even from the back, buying popcorn at the corner. He's tall and dressed in comfortable tracksuit, turned out he was Yungyesang. When he turned his head I checked again and when I saw Yungyesang's profile, I was sure it was him. Yungyesang focused on his order for popcorn and not even bother with the consciousness of people around him. There was no party around, his hand was holding only one movie ticket. Seemed that he went to the cinema alone.
After a popcorn and cola in hold Yungyesang was heading into theaters but the clerk was frantically grabbing him for giving the change.

So cute how Yungyesang was too focus to order then somewhat hastily and left in a hurry. As soon as his order was finished (S size cola and S size popcorn) he tried to move quickly to theater.

Then there was the friendly voice of the clerk, "Customer, please take your change!"

Panicking, Yungyesang came back and put the change into his pocket. His face looked satisfied when he turned again to the theater.

After the movie crowd tried to gather around him and asked, "Enjoying Battleship, Yungyesang ssi? Have fun?"

Prior to a spiral parking ticket that available at the office box, he qualifies for free parking in the parking lot and then disappeared deliberately.

"Yungyesang ssi, I hope you won't forget your change next time!"

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