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Yoon Kye Sang Love's "Affair"

I read a lot of news about Kye Sang, and all I can say that he is really famous and it seems a simple gesture or a little statement will create big news the next day. I found them funny sometime but the truth is Kye Sang is one of the most loveable Korean celebrity bachelor. So let's start with his co-star in "Six Years in Love".. Miss Kim Ha Neul. 

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Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Kye Sang played together in the movie "The 6th Year In Love" which will be introduced to Korean audience very soon. In their roles, they are a perfect couple with a sweet love.

In the beginning of the filming, everybody had a rumour about their "true love in fake roles". However, both of them had nothing to say at that time.

Until now, in the interview, Kim Ha Neul ofiicially denied that kind of relationship between Yoon Ky Sang and her. She said "When I heard about this, I was very surprised. Before the filming, I had seen Yoon Kye Sang privately a few times to get to know him better, so we could play our characters that would convince the audience perfectly."

Kim Ha Neul also says that she has a good sentiment for Yoon Kye Sang because they are same age and feel comfortable when talking to each other. However, she never thought that she would love Yoon Kye Sang.

Yoon Kye Sang Dispels Rumors With Go Ara

12 years older ? I think Kye Sang only looks 3 years older than her (LOL)
Source : .allkpop
Former g.o.d member and actor Yoon Kye Sang has denied the rumors regarding him and actress Go Ara dating and has stated that, “Our relationship is nothing more than being neighbors 3 minutes away.”
Yoon Kye Sang denied this rumor when it was asked during an interview about his upcoming movie “The Enforcer.” 

He added, “I am older than Ara by 12 years and the only time that we meet is when we eat dinner together once in a while because we live just 3 minutes away from each other. Sometimes, we also meet up in a elementary school nearby to play some badminton, but that’s about it.” 

The two have reportedly gotten closer after acting as a couple in MBC’s Who Are You? in 2008. There may have been times when only the two met, but there were also many times when they had met up as a group with others.

The actor clarified on his availability status, “I would be more than thankful if I was dating her but don’t you think our age gap is too far apart? Ara is much too young for me. It has been over a year since I last dated someone and I am really lonely these days. But it is hard for me to go on blind dates though.”

Yoon Kye Sang ended by saying, “When I take a look at my married friends, it looks like they have made a great sacrifice for that life. My job right now though is to be an actor and I have no plans on getting married as of yet.”
Yoon Kye Sang’s movie will hit movie theatres on November 5
Kye Sang and Kim Min Jung in "Flying Boy"
 Source : allkpop

Actor and ex-idol Yoon Kye Sang shared his feelings for comedian Jung Ju Ri and his latest co-star, Kim Min Jung.
While she was on the most recent episode of KBS Champagne, Jung Ju Ri spilled the juicy details, revealing that Yoon Kye Sang asked for her number. People were surprised with his actions and asked him what really went down. He said, “When I was in the army, I watched SBS Oot Chat Sa and fell in love with Jung Ju Ri. I asked someone I knew for her number.” I guess he’s a forward guy with an interesting taste. However, he never had the nerve to actually make a call. He revealed, “I got her number but never called her.”

Jung Ju Ri

Jung Ju Ri shared her feelings as well and stated, “I waited 4 years for a call from him.”
When the subject moved on to Kim Min Jung, he said, “When I had a kiss scene with Kim Min Jung in our new movie, Ballet Institute, I felt like I started to really like her. Then, I had a girlfriend so I was so confused.” Wow, he’s a bit honest. I wonder how Kim Min Jung feels about his confession. Then again, I really wonder how this girlfriend feels about it.
This episode of Champagne will air tomorrow!

 SNSD's Tae Yeon is Yoon Kyesang's energy provider!

Source : .dkpopnews

Yoon Kyesang revealed her ideal woman on KBS 2 show "Champagne" that will be aired at 11.20 pm on 31 October.

The person he mentioned is SNSD's dorky leader Tae Yeon.He said that Tae Yeon is the person who gave her energy during his military service.She revealed that Tae Yeon is her ideal type on the section "Ideal Type World Cup"!

He also praised Tae Yeon for being pretty and can sing very well,he likes all SNSD members but his favourite member is Tae Yeon.

This confession of Yoon Kye Sang reminded me about Kim Tae Woo's confession towards Yuri.It seems like SNSD's members are truely energy providers for men who are going through the military service!

Wow : quite a rumors ....what next ?

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