Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Yoon Kye Sang

While waiting for Kye Sang's new project I'm just buying a time by reviewing what I thought about Yoon Kye Sang. I try to find the right title to the article I want  to write, so  I just come up with the word "Just Yoon Kye Sang". The reason is simply because I know him first as an actor. The fact that later I found out he was the cutest member of g.o.d makes me think, wow he's doing something extraordinary. He chose to become an actor than popularity. G.O.D, was one of the first famous Korean boybands, and even until now it is the first Korean boyband who ever received Daesang award;  Wooow, it's not a joke, they were really popular.

What I found deeper about Kye Sang is ....:  Sung Yu Ri !!  another surprising discovery !! They dated for 4 years, they broke up and continued for another 2 years, and only completely broke up at 2007. Yet Kye Sang's still not over her. In  his journey to Turkey with Yoon Kye Sang, he still mentions  , that the very person he wants to meet is his ex-girl friend, After he himself becomes an actor and immerse in the character he acts he realizes how much his ex girl friend is very considerate to him. 

I wonder if their main problem of breaking up is Kye Sang's misunderstanding over Yu ri  works as an actress. Since she starts her acting carrier before Kye Sang, or perhaps once of the reasons why Kye Sang chooses a new road as an actor is Sung Yu Ri ?
In the other hand  Kye Sang is not the only one who has a hard time, in 2011 in one Korean TV program, Sung Yu Ri  mentioned that after she broke up with his boy friend she still continued to write letters for him every day for the long 4 years !!! Yeaaw, what kind of relationship it is , when both of them are so much in love yet they decided to break up ! (Should both of you get rid your pride and be together again, since both of  you are not really youngster anymore, the heartache in the past should be come the mirror to pull your energy and love each other again !!!)

My heart is aching every time I watch Yoon Pil Joo...

After the real break up, Kye Sang works as an actor like crazy, he took several dark roles just say it "Crazy For You"  that makes me cry a lot , "The Executer" . "The Moonlight of Seoul" and the most famous one " Poongsan Dog". Perhaps the only light acting he has as lead actor is "Who Are You" and "She is 19". Somehow I miss the time when he acts in ro com like this. Altough Yoon Pil Joo is cute but still it pains me to death since he didn't get the girl he loves. In short, I want him to stop for a while acting in dark role character, and stop becoming  second lead actor.  I want him to act in rom com and get the girl he loves, at least in the drama he is happy. 

what if kye sang act in sageuk drama ?

Btw there is a cute video posting by Tukky, my Thai friend in Youtube , it's cutting from Kye Sang first drama: "She is 19" : "Yoon Kye Sang ssie I really miss you in TV drama, but be a lead actor for now on, I miss to see more of you...."

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  1. 4 years? it was not a short time, really, it was... wow! and it also.. well, it was a little bit touched, haha.I think they are an ideal couple, and maybe both of them them are still in love untill now. Uhm, I just wanna say that Wish u all the best, Yoon Kye Sang ahjussi. :D

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