Monday, May 28, 2012

Yoon Kye Sang in 'Real Mate' Pilot Episode

Translated by Wid KS via star

Since May 25, Yoon Kye Sang is in Australia for filming QTV's reality program 'Real Mate'.

'Real Mate' is another version of previous reality show 'I'm Real', about how the star was travelling alone. Close to that concept, in 'Real Mate' the star has a journey with someone else as a mate. 

Yoon Kye Sang would paired with actor Kwon Se In, his buddy in real life. The two men will share many realistic stories of their six nights and seven days journey, and so far the production team revealed several attractive captions of it.

The official said, "The travel concept really fits Yoon Kye Sang and his appearance here is really good. For six nights and seven days during the trip he's very comfortable and showing a natural look. It's also an opportunity to really know about Yoon Kye Sang as you thought he would be, like how he hates to do the packaging."

The pilot episode of 'Real Mate' will be broadcast in July and it will show us Yoon Kye Sang's thoughts, anxieties, and laughter.

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