Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Real Mate Update

Real Mate, Yoon Kye Sang upcoming program on July has updated some new pictures. But since both Kye Sang and Kwo Sen, wear similar outfit and glasses, I start to get confused, which one is Kye Sang. Especially their pictures under the sun at Sydney Harbour Bridge, Kye Sang are you at the left or right?

Mr. Enstein : " Nice to meet you Mr. Yoon, btw are you at the left or right .....kekkkkkk" (just joke !!! )

Boys and kayaking, I wonder if both Kye Sang and Kwo Sen really good at it....arrrggh but this similar outfit makes me upset ! I need a magnifying glass to make sure !

Another picture just come out about two hours ago, after kayaking then the picture is about flying now, they really do everything ~

Now......., I know which one is Yoon Kye Sang (LOL!)

I love this picture, "Jervis Bay"......I hope I am there with Kye Sang ....not to watch the dolphins but to see him closer......kekkkkkk

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