Monday, May 28, 2012

Different Bodies for Different Souls in `Who Are You

By Kwon Mee-yoo via koreatimes
Staff Reporter

The producers of the 2007 hit drama ``Thank You'' have teamed up together for another drama for the family, ``Who Are You?''

This drama employs ``spiritual possession,'' a popular idea which was also used in the 2006 drama ``Please Come Back, Sun-ae'' and the Japanese movie ``Secret'' (1999), in which spirits take control of a human body.

Director of the drama Shin Hyun-chang explained the drama as human, fantastic, romantic and comical. ``This is a family drama about recovering relationships,'' said Shin.

In a Korean tradition mixing Buddhism and Confucianism, the soul of a dead person is left on earth for 49 days before going to the afterlife. The drama is a story about those 49 days for a father who loves his daughter so much he possesses a stranger's body to care for her.

A cold-hearted corporate raider Cha Seung-hyo, played by ex-G.O.D. member and actor Yoon Kye-sang, is a stickler for cleanliness and a perfectionist. However, after a traffic accident, weird things start to happen around him and he finds out that a deliveryman spiritually possesses him for three hours a day. When he is possessed by Son Il-geon, he becomes a very funny guy.

At the preview, Yoon successfully portrayed the two sides of his character and drew laughter from the audience.

``It is rather easy for me to play In-geon since I am a cheerful person. The most difficult thing is that I have to play two totally different characters in the drama. Sometimes, it's confusing,'' said Yoon at a press conference last week.

Son, the overanxious father who takes care of his daughter even as a ghost, is played by middle-aged actor Kang Nam-kil. Besides being a devoted father, Son has a secret. When he was young, he was a nameless painter, but one of his paintings was sold for a high price in New York. Now, a gallery owner comes after him, offering him a solo exhibition.

``Yoon has to play my unique character and I was worried at first. However, he's doing very well and I am satisfied,'' said Kang. Yoon added that Kang helps him a lot by teaching his habits and ways of talking.

``However, I personally do not believe in spiritual possession,'' said Kang.

Ara, or Go A-ra, plays Son Yeong-in, the wanna-be cartoonist who lost her father in an accident.

The star from the teen drama ``Banolim'' (Sharp), Ara has starred in the movies ``The Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea'' (2007) and ``Subaru'' (2008). Both movies were joint productions ― one Korean and Japanese, and the other with a Hong Kong company.

With the looks of a Barbie doll, she depicts a strong-spirited girl who has just graduated from high school.

``I am a freshman just like Yeong-in in the soap. She gave up school due to financial difficulties and works part-time instead. For myself, I hope to enjoy my college life just like any other freshmen,'' Ara said.

A musical actor turned TV star, Jin I-han plays Shin Jae-ha, the owner and director of Nuri Art Gallery who looks for the late Son's paintings. In order to find the work after his death, he tries to buy off Yeong-in with honeyed words.

``Shin is not a greedy guy; he is very passionate. He just uses the whole bag of tricks to achieve what he wants,'' said Jin.

The drama will start airing at 9:55 p.m., Wednesday, March 5 on MBC.

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