Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Know Yoon Kye Sang "The Actor"

By : nonie2868

How long did I know Yoon Kye Sang ? It's quite long. I watched his movies but I don't watch him. Perhaps you frown ; how come?  Yes, when I watched " My 19 Years Sister In Law", I watched  it because of Kim Jae Won, so that's why I am a little disappointed when the girl end up with Yoon Kye Sang...kekkkkk

Triple, I watch it, because of Lee Seon Kyun; I didn't even realize Kye Sang was there, acting as supporting actor. Later I watched Six Years In Love, still not because of Yoon Kye Sang but because of Kim Ha Neul. I didn't even realize that her co -star was Yoon Kye Sang from "Best Love".

Even when I watch him in Best Love, I still just say he is good looking and cute, and honestly I like his character as second lead actor in this Hong Sister drama, rather than any other Hong Sister second lead character.

 But still ...I don't really attract to him until I watch him in High Kick 3. Wuaahhhhaha, he is really  funny.......I have a good laugh watching him in this drama.

Since then I just can't stop to love him, but then I realize why I can't recognize Kye Sang before. Because he totally immerse in his acting that make his appearance different from one role to another role.

I saw this difference when I watched him in "Who Are You", I really love this drama and Kye Sang really acts well and I said to myself how  I slip my eyes not to see him for a long time.

If I only watch "Flying Boys" because of the film, I won't recognize him as Yoon Kye Sang in "Best Love". He looks just an ordinary school  boy although he was around 26 when he was filming this film. His looks remind me of Kazunari Ninomiya, the personnel of Arashi  who always look innocent like this in his school boy role.

And of course his looks in Poonsan Dog is the most shocking one since he is totally different, as I said if I watch this film because of this film itself I won't recognize him at all.

And my shock is not enough, when I start browsing everywhere, I find out he was a singer ???? waww this man really makes me shocking. I saw him  when  he was a singer, he is rockkkk! I start to collect his  song with former group : g.od.
Awwww Kye Sang is sooo cute

Then I found out about him leaving the group and broke up with Sung Yu Ri after 4 years of relationship. Yeah....Kye  Sang really chose a tough path when people pointed their fingers, call him a traitor and a jerk...but he believe in himself and his  decision. It makes me love him more, I love people who works hard no matter how tough the path he chose.

About Sun Yu Ri and their break up, after his "Best Love" and he make his name in his acting carrier, Sun Yu  Ri start to talk about him again (not directly of course, but everybody knows who is Sun Yu Ri's ex boy friend. I found an article in the internet how she continued to write him the letters after four years of separation....ooh really (it makes me wonder) , at the end she even say how much harsh her ex boy friend was.....yahhh this is bad I said (you can read  the complete article here allkpop. )

Kye Sang  in the other hand didn't say anything, even in his journey to Turkey episode 6, he mentioned that the person  he wants to meet is his ex girl friend; he wants to talk to her and tell sorry and how much he realized how considerate she was. Awwwwwwwwww, don't tell me that his silence means he's still in love with her. I think although they broke up long time ago, the memory is still vivid and perhaps the pain is still there. I didn't say Kye Sang is a perfect boy friend but when couple separate the mistake should be on both side. That's why they decided to break up.

I am not sure if Kye Sang really move on but he tries hard, I believe ; although somehow I want them to reunite again. Sung Yu ri is a good actress I love her in Snow White and Hong Gil Dong.

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